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Any plans today ? Are you in the mood for a conference, workshop or screening? Discover our program of events developed with many partners. We talk about ecology, feminism, personal development, social entrepreneurship... You will find plenty of dates online or near you to book your calendar all year round.
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Community building
🇪🇸 You want to get engaged in Barcelona but don't know where to start? You've spotted some cool initiative but don't want to go alone? Or you want to share your experience of getting engaged? This event is for you ! We know that it's not easy to get to action when you've never done it. And that getting engaged can mean a lot of different realities: getting engaged in my job, giving my time for a social or environmental initiative... 🌍 makesense is an international organization that, since 11 years, has been gathering people since with this purpose: gathering people who want to take action in their city. Some members of the community will be in Barcelona for one week and we would love to discover more about the impact ecosystem in Barcelona : the different actors that already exist, the initiatives you find inspiring, the places to visit... Therefore, we're organizing an open event that anyone can join: wether you already know about the local ecosystem, or want to discover it, come join us ! The goal is also to connect with people who share similar interests and questioning ✌🏻