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"SenseSharing #5 - Creating a Strong Team"

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SenseSharing #5 - Creating a Strong Team

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Le 15/05/2019 à 12h30

It's time for another SenseSharing!

🔸 The topic 🔸
This month let's chat about creating a strong Hotspot team: how do you go from a Hotspot Kickstarter to a team that shares roles? How DO you share roles? How do you structure when your Hotspot is really growing? And more!

🔸 The format 🔸
Join us for a family "meal" online (lunch In Europe, Middle East, Africa, dinner in Asia, breakfast for the very early risers in Latin America!) or by that we mean, an online group Zoom call! Prepare your webcam and chat with Gangsters from across the world!

📹 Join the meeting here:

💬 What is a SenseSharing?
A global Gangster call to discuss a topic relevant to all Hotspots. The goal is to foster peer-to-peer learning and discuss how to better create impact in our different cities.
Feel free to suggest topics for the future!
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