How to organize a happy-hour/meet-up? 17.10.19 session

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How to organize a happy-hour/meet-up? 17.10.19 session


10/17/2019 6:00 PM (Europe/Paris)

10/17/2019 4:00 PM (Africa/Abidjan)


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Hello! I'm Anna, I'm facilitating this session together - designed for future happy-hour and meet-up organizers. I'll show you the tools you can use during your event et will share advices for previous organizers :)

Before we meet online, could you please take 3min of your time to:

👉 read the organizer's guide

_for happy hour :

_for meet-up :

👉 think about a topic you want to explore during your happy hour and choose one or two dates that could work for you (2 to 4 weeks prior your event)

👉 make a list of all the questions you have so I'm sure to answer all of them :)

Let’s meet online at 6pm Paris time

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