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"Co-Create a Sustainable Mobility Product/Service for Lisbon"

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Image of the event : Co-Create a Sustainable Mobility Product/Service for Lisbon

Co-Create a Sustainable Mobility Product/Service for Lisbon

Incredibly organized by:


1 October 2019 at 07:00 PM (Local time: Europe/Lisbon) - Venue: TBD

It's no longer about awareness, it's time to take action!

The Obstacles & Opportunities Doc:

Up until the day of the event, ☝ Anyone can contribute to this Doc to share their insights in the form of:
Problems facing mobility in Lisbon
Possible solutions for solving those problems

We're looking for 7 Aspiring Impact Entrepreneurs and 7 Brainstormers to participate on Oct 1. Together, they will choose 1 or more obstacle(s), absorb the shared solutions, and together come up with a viable business model and plan of action to develop the idea and concept!

Anyone can contribute to the above Doc. We will choose the participants of the event by focusing on having diverse group of people with a dynamic range of skills, education, and experience.

If you're an Aspiring Impact Entrepreneur up for this challenge, please fill out an application to participate.

Designer, engineers, branding people, artists with knowledge of business modeling, etc. (or anyone who has a talent for ideas!), please fill out the brainstormer application:

We are makesense Lisbon - and we’re focused on IMPACT!
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