This is to send to one of you the minutes of the session!

The rules 👌

This happy hour is something unique. You have at your disposal a card game to help you facilitate discussions.

It consists of several successive cards that guide the exchanges as they go along, in order to explore the causes of the problems, identify our paradoxes, list the solutions we know and talk about individual commitments and collective action.

The game includes the whole process of the happy-hour, from the very beginning to the very end (about 2 hours). It includes introductory cards, concluding cards and four categories of question cards:

  • It's beyond me For a better understanding of the subject, to share knowledge, experience and questions on the subject.
  • And me in all this In this part, you will share more personal feelings and reactions about the evening.
  • It exists here you will exchange on the existing solutions you know and on the contents that inspire you on the subject.
  • Time to act Finally, we move on to concrete actions to be implemented locally to address the issue. We set ourselves a great challenge together and set a date to do it!

The rules are simple*: you draw the first card, someone reads it out loud, you go around the table. The second card is drawn and so on 😎

The happy hour card game

All participants can take notes in the happy hour board that you normally printed/copied.

If you prefer to do it live digitally, it's also possible! 🙂

In any case, just go here to indicate everything that is said/was said during the happy hour:

Receive the link

We will send him/her this link to takes notes!


Click on the card to pass it, click on "Play the card" to start the timer.

  • The happy hour makesense 🙌
  • We'll start with a round table discussion. Everyone gives their first name and explains what they spend most of their time doing right now!
    We start by explaining the rules and useful tools to have a good time. Afterwards, you’ll be able to ask your questions, and we can respond all together!
  • To start, what's a happy hour exactly ?The organizer can take the opportunity to check-in the participants. It's very important to send the notes taken during the aperitif to those who are present:)
  • For starters, we present you in three words the aperitif makesense
    And we can reflect on how we can effect change, in our own way.
  • It is a space for discussion where you can share your experiences and knowledge, with kindness and without judgment! And where we can think about how to change things, on our own scale.
  • The words of the aperitif

    Learning and Acting
    Share your paradoxes
    Every one of us has a role to play!
  • And makesense, by the way, what is it?
    Listening - Sharing - Kindness - Indulgence - Construction - Engagement
  • makesense is an organization that connects citizens with each other, social entrepreneurs, and organizations.
    Tip: If certain parts of the table seem slightly abstract in relation to your event, don’t worry! The rest of the card game will help you to fill them up without a problem. 😊
  • It is an open community, which organizes many events (such as happy hours!) to raise awareness of key social and environmental issues and take action.
  • Who takes notes? :)
    Just connect with your phone or a computer on
    He then decides that his next adventure will be to a place accessible by train.
  • Shall we go? :)
  • It's beyond me
    The last thing I observed that made me angry
    This will be the moment to note all that we were able to identify as obstacles and problems, and to decide all together on a collective action to put in place, along with a date to start!
  • It's beyond me
    The bottom line for me is....
  • It's beyond me
    Think of the person who is the opposite of your concerns on the subject. Who is she? Why is she so far away from the subject?
    Don’t worry, we’ve come prepared! You will find a link at the end of the game that leads to a short questionnaire, and it won’t take more than 5 minutes to do.
  • And me in all this A personal experience, a memory or an anecdote that reminds me of the subject and that I want to share
    It will also allow the whole community to know the solutions which you proposed, in a resource catalogue accessible to all. If we all want to act, we first need to know how to get started!
  • And me in all this When you talk to people around me about this subject, it gives....
  • And me in all this
    My cute sin, my little paradox, which goes right against the subject
  • This exists
    A content that inspires me or represents a solution for me
  • It exists
    a structure or project that I have heard about and that acts on the subject
    to create awareness on social and environmental issues and take action
  • It exists
    A personality/influencer who could change the game (or get more involved)
  • Time to act!
    The small step I can take, starting tomorrow, on my own scale, to act on the subject (and overcome my paradoxes/contradictions)
  • Time to act !
    What can we all do together as a group? What action can be taken, what challenge can we take up?
    You just have to click on your admin link that was sent by SMS and email, and then click on each name (it becomes green)
  • Time to act !
    Then, when do we meet again to set up this action?
    Each participant shares in turn a fact related to the theme of the event
    Play this card
    Let’s go…
  • Time to act !
    An idea, even the craziest, that I would like to see developed now (or in the future !) and that would advance on the subject
    It’s time to ask all the questions you can have on the subject. There is no "stupid" question.
    Play this card
    Let’s go…
  • The time to conclude
    This is the time to share what inspired, surprised and learned (if it is the case!)
    Each one takes 2 minutes to think and then shares with the group in 30 seconds
    Play this card
    Let’s go…
  • Time to conclude !
    Before last thing: selfie all together!
    In groups of 2, think about 1 brake and imagine a reaction or a change of attitude more appropriate.
    Play this card
    Let’s go…
  • And last but not least: If you enjoyed this happy hour, don't hesitate to share your feelings, your photos, videos or the selfie on Instagram! Tag @makesenseorg and we'll restart you!
    Discuss the existing brakes to engage on this topic. What are they ? Why ?
    Play this card
    Let’s go…
  • Oh yes, one more thing: Who organizes the next happy hour? Thank you again, and congratulations to all!
    Each participant shares a memory or an anecdote related to the theme of the happy-hour
    Play this card
    Let’s go…