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An online radio (or web radio), also known as satellite radio or web radio, is a broadcasting service that broadcasts over the Internet rather than conventional broadcast through AM or FM. To listen to radio en ligne, listeners just need an internet connection, mobile data, or both. Today, millions of people around the world listen to live radio online. Its available everywhere: in stores, on web pages and blogs, and even on satellite and terrestrial channels. This can be especially convenient for travelers, as they can listen during planes and trains.

Vimeo is an example of an Internet radio station that allows listeners to listen online. The site is simple, clean and easy to navigate. Visitors can choose the type of music they want to hear and they can immediately play it as soon as they open the page. Vimeo Streams Live and allows listeners to comment on songs and the program director can set their recordings to repeat at certain times or allow listeners to skip ahead if they wish.

Another online listening option is with web software such as BIRFY. Similar to Vimeo, users can choose what type of data they want to listen to, control how much time they want, and have the site automatically adjust its buffering speed. Some web services offer now, which is similar to Vimeos List & Share Feature, as well as Smart Audio Network, which supports MP3 audio files. With these services, listeners can not only listen live online, but can also store their favorite songs or podcasts. They can also find information about the song or artist, as well as purchase tickets, listen to a trailer, or get bonus content.

Most online radio stations are web based, but there are a few that are downloadable as files. If you are using a PC for your computer and want to listen to Live, you must first download the software to your computer. Then go to the server and download the necessary files. You will likely need to create an account to access the service or access from a URL assigned to you.

To listen to your favorite live radio station online, you can either listen live on your computer or through your mobile device. Many people listen online because they love the experience of being able to be in the middle of a new city while enjoying their favorite song. If so, it might be worth spending the money to be able to listen live on your favorite radio station.

Streaming Music is becoming more and more popular as the Internet continues to grow. We are living in a new age where a great live music station is just a click away. If you enjoy streaming live radio stations, consider a method of downloading them so that you can listen to your convenience and immediately hear your favorite songs.

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