Preparing Children for a Greener Future: Why Is It Important to Get Children Interested in Sustainability?

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11/22/2020 9:30 AM


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Why is it important to get children interested in sustainability? How can we get children involved in sustainable projects? What can these projects look like?

Calling all parents! Calling all educators! Calling all those interested in building a sustainable future! Have ideas on what we're asking? Running out of ideas for your little loved ones during confinement? Join us Paris College of Art Master's students as we host an online conference addressing sustainability. This online conference will host 5 panelists and various performing artists to present sustainability in both a fun and accessible way to children... Educational and interactive, we hope that both children and participants come with questions, ideas, and motivation to have some 'green' fun!

Our goal? To come together as children & adults (through this online platform) to discuss, educate, and mobilize ourselves in building a more sustainable future

Guest #1, Meet Kenneth Francis, Founder of @EarthAndBeyond: Kenneth is a "green entrepreneur" and urban farmer who will take us live to his farm in India--Be prepared to get your hands dirty! Kenneth will share a demo that will teach us all about the importance of hydroponic plant growth Check out more of Kenneth's work here:

Guest #2, Meet Gabi! The LAB School Paris: A teacher at the LAB school, a school designed with a unique approach connecting education and research, Gabi will be joining us to discuss learning and pedagogical techniques to get kids interested (and excited!) about sustainability! Find out more about Paris LAB School here:

Guest #3, Welcome Vicky Peet, Environmental Educator, Mother, Guide Leader and school Governor based in London: With a creative approach to community conservation, Vicky will be sharing with us the message of raising confidence and knowledge in adults in schools to be able to embed a love and understanding of nature, wildlife, the environment, and the need for having Environmental Education added to the curriculum.

A LOU, STELLA, AND ABBY "LOCKDOWN" INTERMISSION! Incorporating random instruments found around the house, Lou & Stella will give us a musical performance using household objects, lockdown style--be ready to sing, dance, and laugh along!

Free and open to all the lovers of the planet--register here now! *Complete schedule and panelists will be continuously announced--keep checking back for updates*

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